A Silly Question Perhaps: What is a Garden Writer ?

Writing about gardening, the act of growing plants, is like any brand of non-fiction. Brand writers live the thing we write about: travel writers go places, foodie writers cook, and garden writers grow plants. We learn from first-hand experience, a kind of “writing what we know,” and connect with people who have like-minded interests and experiences.
Within the vast scope of gardening, a writer may specialize. Subtopics in the gardening world are replete with ideas to explore; growing from seeds, growing plants inside versus outdoors, or growing gardens in so dry a land that sustainable may seem impossible, for instance.



Though my passion is in container gardening, many of my published pieces have overlapped into unlikely subjects. I loved visiting public and private garden that were attached to restaurants and casinos, for instance. I found the unexpected, and wrote, not only about the places, but interviewed people, too.
Now, I am writing a fiction story that has presented to me a new world of experiences, with new rules. As my working title “Life Out of Death at Potter’s Bench Greenhouse” implies, the place is living and breathing, even sight unseen, and the protagonist, perhaps, grows something?

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