Nonfiction Writing Sans the Garden

My nonfiction writing has not always been about gardens or plants, strictly speaking. After all, dogs and cats are often found among our plants in our gardens.

The story finally built from the unexpected times we explore and journeys that take us into big gardens may have little to do with its original point.

Standing among alligators, I spied a southern magnolia. A walk though Washington, D.C. landed me on a bench with my eyes closed, suddenly awakened with a blanket overhead was a canopy of lindens. At an Arizona museum of live plants and animals, a diamondback rattlesnake is at my feet.” These experiences and more I lay claim to while writing from 2012 to 2013, for a travel site called BucketTripper. Adventures for this magazine took me off the garden path I knew so well and and took me off onto a more beaten journey coming face to face with Las Vegas art, baseballs, and chocolates, too.


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