Breaths Spirit Back at Potter’s Bench Greenhouse


Heaven “A place where all the animals you’ve ever loved run to greet you.”




















Have you ever seen the painting by Briton Riviere called ‘Sympathy,’ c. 1878, of a dog sitting by a little girl who appears chastised sitting alone on a staircase? Around 2007, an image of the painting was digitally altered to make the dog appear as a ghost, and after death looks longingly at the little girl to comfort her.

Who has not had a pet die, only to wonder where that beloved dog or cat, or other animal, has gone? We want to believe that our Sadie or Joey or Abigail is by us, and that we did not let them go too soon.

In my fiction manuscript, Life After Death at Potter’s Bench Greenhouse, the story includes an attempt at offering readers one possibility. That yes, we are not alone, and that the animals we loved still watch over us.

Some of my characters are called “breaths” in my story. There are many words for the idea that after the body has left, though in my telling I allow vestiges of mind and consciousness remain. In GlenAnne Flannery’s greenhouse, there at least two, though probably more, wandering the plants with a sense of spirit in that ghostly aura announcing themselves with invisible sounds and scents.

At Potter’s Bench, there are the special characters who are allowed into the world of the Breaths.

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