Meow Matrimony Book Review

Meow Matrimony is part of the Fancy Cat Cozy Mystery series by Lisa Lickel. (Book cover courtesy of Pelican Ventures LLC)

I liked Ivy Preston from the first story I read about her in Lisa Lickel’s Meow Mistletoe novella. Now she is back in Meow Matrimony.

Adam and Ivy have each moved to Apple Grove and have set up their homes and businesses. Their wedding date is set with invitations soon to be delivered.

Ivy visits her neighbor only to find the journalist dead in the living room. Ivy cannot help herself; she walks in and immediately sees clues. She has set her heart on making meeting new friends, but it does not seem to be going well. She is immediately a suspect.

She is cleared. Then, is brought in again. What? Twice!

Though Adam stands by her, his new part-time job as mayor means he has to keep her out of the loop of police business.
Ivy is a determined person, and soon finds the clues she needs to help clear her name with or without help from her new friends.

Characters are reintroduced from Lickel’s previous stories; old love Stanley and Ivy’s mom return. New love interests ensure readers will find more threads with the potential for more stories later.

Lisa Lickel is a Wisconsin author and editor. (Photographer credit Kay D. Seider)

The Mau cats return in Meow Matrimony, but seem to play less of a role. The felines were busier in Meow Mayhem.

Meow Matrimony is part of Lisa Lickel’s A Fancy Cat Cozy Mystery series. Each book in the series is a Christian cozy mystery. Meow Matrimony includes bible reference within its 305 pages.

I highly recommend Meow Matrimony for purr-fect entertainment value.

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