Creative Writer Friends Share Elevator Thoughts

Diggin for the story.

A post about my fiction work from my writer-friend, Diane Laney Fitzpatrick. Diane was kind enough to share.

We had talked (well, really wrote to each other) about elevator speeches. A tool we writers use to practice conveying what a story we are working on is about.

We write a sentence, 50 words, or 100 words. Then comes the question, “What are you working on?” Or “What is your story about?”

Then, silence.

Pure. Painfully quiet.

In my master gardener years, I had never been shy speaking in public. I talked many times about plants to gardeners, perhaps too much.

Now suddenly, sharing 50 words about a make-believe greenhouse, paranormal cats and dogs, and a mystery leaves me speechless.

So thanks friend, for sharing.

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