The Kid-Gardener's Planting Book for Parents

Your child wants to grow a garden. You have the location picked out and have brought home prepackaged potting soil for a container, or dug organic soil into a planting bed outside - but what comes next?

Now it's time to pick plants easy enough for your child to grow without the disappointment that comes with choosing beautiful, but delicate plants... and then seeing them wither away instead of prospering.

First-time gardeners may show no rhyme or reason in picking their plants, and there is no reason to expect more from kids. The array of plants on the market is overwhelming even for the most seasoned gardener.

Before you help your kids choose, think about the kind of garden you want - is it a sensory garden for a child with challenges, an exotic Halloween garden, or even a butterfly garden or a terrarium?

Choose your child's tools wisely, pick the plants that fit his or her needs, and start gardening. With every posy or three-sisters grouping, you may be planting the seeds of a life-long love of plants in your child.

Lorraine Syratt is a garden writer, most notably about roses, with a blog entitled Romantic Gardening. She posted a review of Chris' book, The Kid-Gardener's Planting Book for Parents. She called it "garden inspiration for your children."

The Kid-Gardener's Planting Book for Parents was spotted in northern Wisconsin one summer talking to the bears during a family visit.

Garden Truths From My Family's Stories

"The innate ability to grow plants is a gift from my parents: this is their story; what I did with it is mine," Chris wrote in Garden Truths From My Family's Stories. In 2013, Lisa Lickel posted a review of the author's garden memoir on her site, Wisconsin Author Review .